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Dear Friend,
I don't care who you are, where you are from or what you did, but since you are reading this I'm sure there must be a reason and I would like to welcome you to my world of fanatics of this one of the greatest silver and leather designers in the world Bill Wall and his established in 1985 company Bill Wall Leather(TM).

There are many web pages out there on the Net that have some sort of information about BWL, some are better than the others, but believe it or not, pretty much all of them happens to be in Japanese or some other foreign language I can't understand. You know, I thought about it... I thought how unfair it was not to have at least one BWL web site for many american fans like you and me. This First American BWL Fan Site is my dedication to the talent, passion, hard work, sweat and blood, love and hate blended together in one person, King of silver and leather creations - Bill Wall.

   Since my web site launched in July 2003 almost on a daily basis I've been receiving tons of emails from all the corners of the globe including Japan, Canada, Germany, Russia, France, UK, Italy, Singapore and many many other countries, from the people I don't even know or ever met, but who share the same love for Wall's creations and inspiration. Support is unimaginable... which makes me feel I gave to the people something very important, something that they were always missing and hopping to get one day. Good feeling folks, very good feeling...

    I have been collecting Wall's jewelry and things for many years and got myself a fine collection of custom, unique and one-of-a-kind things I'm very proud of, most of which were personally made for me by master himself. But even though, you know what, just can't freaking get enough of it... So many new designs with every year, still need to find some good old ones which can be not an easy task to do since all BWL jewelry made to order and in very limited quantity most people keep in their personal collections and very rarely willing to part with. But I try my best. I wear anything of Bill's from the moment I wake up in the morning until it's time to go to bed late at night. I believe that Bill's jewelry give me that positive energy boost or "jump start" if you will, I need to get myself through a day. I know many who wear Bill Wall's jewelry feel the same way.

   Bill Wall is amazingly talented and very passinate in what he does. You can feel his spirit and inspiration in every piece he creates. All hand-made and hand-assembled in sunny Malibu Bill's home town, from the finest materials available - silver, gold, bronze and of cause leather. Very cool, well-thought designs comfortable to wear, superb workmanship with finest details, great professional representation, in my opinion, that is exactly what makes Wall's products noticeable and stand apart from others. Also, I really appreciate the fact that every piece that comes out of BWL shop has been personally examined, signed and numbered by designer. I have a feeling that by doing this Bill is trying to tell us that he personally stands behind the quality of each and every product he makes. From my own experience I know that Bill does and he always has been. Money never was a subject for this guy, highest quality possible is what matters and always stands above everything else for Bill. Bill Wall takes extreme pride in his work because that is his passion and when he is passionate about something he will not take any shortcuts. He examines each and every piece before it is being shipped to the customer. Bill is a master in what he does and his talents and personality is expressed in each design. If Bill could meet everyone who bought his product he would, but by signing every piece it is his way of personalizing it to be closer to that fan. No shortcuts are taken by Bill and his work clearly displays that.

Last but not the least, I don't think I have ever met more understanding and more generous guy than Bill Wall. He is a really great guy and a lot of fun. Every time I speak with him on the phone he's always happy to tell me about his newest designs, future plans, or just share some exciting moments from his latest fishing or motorcycle trip. His other passion for motorcycles is now well known beyond California area as Bill has recently been featured in numerous TV shows including "Build or Bust" and "Thunder Run". Wall's jewelry proudly owned by many famous people, celebs and show biz stars including but not limited to Elijah Wood and Britney Spears, Carmen Electra and David Navaro, AJ McLean from Backstreet Boys and Nicolas Cage, Axl Rose and Christian Slater, Tyra Banks and Liv Tylor, Ozzy Osbornne and Eric Clapton, Tommy Lee and Freddie Prinze Jr, and many many more. Want to know more about designer and master silversmith Bill Wall,
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   O'kay folks, I need your help now... I need your help to make this web site as interesting and informative as possible. As you can tell by now this web site is all about master silversmith Bill Wall and his company Bill Wall Leather(TM) with over 20 years of jewelry and leather goods making history. I have tons of nice pictures of various BWL products and other interesting BWL related materials I have collected over the years and put together for this web site, however I want all my guests to be part of it and if you have a picture, drawing or perhaps a story to share, you are most welcome to send it to me to slavae@gmail.com and I'll be more than happy to post it on my web site and make you famous.

For those of you who would like to be a part of our huge BWL community I would like to invite you to join our BWL1USA Fan Club where members besides sharing of information, pictures and ideas benefit the ability of purchasing limited, one of a kind and unique things personally made by Bill Wall exclusively for the members of the club, which may also include some brand new designs even before they go into production.
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   Please keep in mind that this web site will be under constant update and improvement. I promise to do my best to make this as "painless" as possible, however if you notice that something is not right or perhaps missing or does not belong here please, email me right away to slavae@gmail.com and I'll take care of it. I'm checking on my emails all the times so please don't hesitate to email me with any questions and I'll email right back to you upon receiving your email Contact Us
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