Event: King of Cabo fan tour, 2008. By Drew S.

Hello fans!

I just spent a week on tour with the 'King of Cabo' in Malibu and Cabo San Lucas and thought you might be interested to hear a bit about the trip. Bill was an awesome host and I got to witness a lot of very interesting things first hand. He booked me some really nice places to stay at, took me to some nice restaurants, planned all sorts of cool activities. He is one of the nicest guys, not only did he treat me well, he would tip generously to service staff, hold doors for strangers, and it was neat to see him talk to people in public who only knew him by their interactions either at airports or coffee shops and had no idea what he did for a living. I got to hear all kinds of stories about what Bill did before starting his own business, about his relationship with Gabor and other artists, the parties, the money, the gnarly workplace injuries like a wallet chain getting caugh on the polishing wheel or like the crazy burn Bill had on his knuckle from a soldering torch? never a dull moment.., the part you guys are probably most interested in hearing about was when he took me to his shop the first night and where he did some custom work to my master skull that I had purchased the previous year. I got to hear the story behind the 'master skull' and why it is called such. I watched how he customizes rings like this and was fortunate enough to get this on video as well so who knows maybe I'll be able to post it somewhere one day. The ring now has some gold spider webs on the temples, a gold bwl logo skid plate on the band and a gold tooth with dollar stamp. Bill also added some new special edition stamps on the band and above the spider webs and oh yeah some vip engraving so now I am now part of the "lucky motherfucker" club. It looks amazing and I am really happy with the way it came out. Bill has a lot of custom work on the go right now and and he showed me some really cool pieces that customers had ordered and that were just about to be shipped out, one of them was a solid gold demon master skull which you can only really truly appreciate fully when you have it in your hand, STUNNING!. If I had ten grand with me I probably would have ordered one right there. I don't know how he has time for all of this, here is brief explanation of Bills schedule, he flies in from Cabo on a Monday afternoon and goes straight to work until about 4 in the morning, he might sleep for an hour or so and then he goes to the gym (he is now benching 405 lbs for 5 reps) comes home and does it all over again until he heads out again on Friday afternoon. How does he do it all you ask? One word, COFFEE, seriously though the guy is a workhorse and he is at a point now where inspiration flows freely. Bill showed me a box full of unfinished pieces that he is doing custom work on right now and there was ALOT. So anyways that was part of the trip, hanging out in LA and at Bill?s shop but that was only the first two days, after that we took off to Cabo San Lucas where we were greeted by Alma (Bill's girlfriend). Cabo was awesome, I spent a day or two chillin at the resort but the highlight was definitely going out fishing on Bills amazing yacht 'Fearless' we spent the day out on the water and had a couple of nibbles early on but it wasn't until close to the end of the day when we caught a marlin. It was about a 90lbs (which apparently is considered small) but Bill let me bring it in which was really fun. One last thing I will mention is the baja race car I drove the day after fishing, they have a deal there where you get to drive a real baja race car on a track, there were about 4 decent sized jumps that you could get some air off dukes of hazard style if you hit them fast enough. Anyways that is a brief summary of my trip I had a lot of fun, leaned ALOT about the industry, got some great pictures and video, met some cool people... It was awesome so a huge thanks to Bill for doing this! Here are just a few pictures for you guys to enjoy.

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