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- BWL New Showroom.

- BWL One of a Kind seat Bill Wall made for the guy named Gard from L.A. Choperods County.

- True BWL Fan.

- Bill Wall's new 50 Pan and Fender bike.

- Bill Wall with his gorgeous girlfriend Elma at 2005 Celebrity Halloween Party.

- Vintage cut. Famous model Julie represents with Gabor. Gabor Nagy with wife Maria and Bill Wall.

- Bill Wall, Tony Creed and friends from Japan.

- Fender USA Custom Shop / Michiya Haruhata BWL Stratocaster by John English.

- Autograph session with Evel Knievel. Evel's signing vintage picture of himself jumping over the cars for Bill Wall.

- Bryon Bauer's picture collection of BWL bike seats he made while working at West Cost Choppers.

- Pics of Takeru Kobayashi, the guy who won the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest on the 4th July 2005. He's wearing a BWL big ball chain with anchor pendant.

- Rock & roll hall of famer Billy F. Gibbons at BWL party Febuary 3, 2005. 22k vintage peso guitar pick courtesy of Bill Wall.

- Bill Wall is showing 18k gold graffiti Master Skull ring he just custom made for one of this VIP customers.

- Mike Lavalle and Carlos Ojeda of Killer Paint making BWL shop's back wall hot. As seen on Build or Bust show.

- BWL "Who says there isn't a fucking Santa Claus" 2004 Christmas card.

- Bill Wall, Nico and Eric out fishing in Cabo on "Fearless", Fall 2004

- Bill Wall in "Black Fly" sunglasses ad.

- Great pictures by ChopperDogs.com of Bill Wall and friends at motorcycle rully. (left to right) Blake A., Keith O., Jack G., Eric S., Walt L., Bill W. Nomad, Vic and Peeler.

- Bill Wall's workbench at BWL shop.

- You wish everything was as useful as this BWL FDL pendant.

- Peter Fonda is wearing custom BWL leather west while in Hawaii.

- Jesse James is wearing custom BWL leather jaket with silver skull at 2003 Christmas Monster Garage show.

- Though Malibu kid - Bill Wall.

- Insane flame job on BWL Ford Excursion by Mike at Killer Paint.

- Taste is in the eye of the beholder. As seen in Garage Magazine.

- Bill Wall's showing off his new product- Inlaid Cross ring.

- Brand new, limited edition, vintage t-shirt retrospective written and beautifully photographed by one of the world's foremost authorities on retro-cool Rin Tanaka. Included in this listing is radical leather and jewelry designer Bill Wall, and the king of custom fabricators, Jesse James of West Coast Choppers and Monster Garage fame. Bill, Jesse, and the author have all autographed this rare collector's copy.

- BWL custom bike seat for Jesse James's brand new Bullet Busa bike.

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